Sunday 3 September Trinity XII
Communion with Baptism, 10.00 
Mass of St Thomas: Thorne
My song is love unknown: Archer
Soprano: Clare Walker

Evensong, 18.30 (Octet)
Responses: Sealy
Psalm 26 vv.1-8
Canticles: Wood in Eb No.2
O Saviour of the World: Goss


Choir Term resumes

Sunday 10 September Trinity XIII
Parish Eucharist, 10.00 Choristers & Girls’ Choir
Mass of St Thomas: Thorne
One in body, heart & mind: Trad. Gaelic arr. Walker

Evensong, 18.30 St Peter’s Singers
Responses: Plainsong
Psalm 119 vv.33-40
Canticles: Bunnett in F
I give you a new commandment: Nardone


Sunday 17 September Trinity XIV
Parish Eucharist, 10.00 Choristers & Choral Scholars
Mass of St Thomas: Thorne
Come down O love divine: Tadman-Robins

Evensong, 18.30 Girls’ Choir
Responses: Plainsong
Psalm 103 vv.8-13
Canticles: Chant
Seek ye first the Kingdom of God:
Lafferty arr. Fish


Sunday 24 Trinity XV
Parish Eucharist Choristers & St Peter’s Singers
Mass of St Cedd: Nardone
To be a pilgrim: Burt

Evensong    Choral Scholars
Responses: Ayleward
Psalm 145 vv.1-8
Canticles: Walmisley in d
Love of love: Moore