Published on Thu, 3 Mar 2022 12:10

At St Peter Mancroft, we are holding the people of Ukraine in prayer following the invasion of their Country.  Speaking last week, our Vicar, Canon Edward Carter said, "War is always a tragedy, in which the most innocent are usually affected most. Please keep the people of Ukraine in your prayers every day, as well as the leaders of the nations, that they will truly work for peace.”

A special prayer for the people of Ukraine is currently on display in the church. This prayer comes from Innovista, an organisation which works with churches in Ukraine.

Jesus, Prince of Peace

Bringer of Peace to our broken world,

You call us to participate in the family business of peacemaking,

So we come to pray for peace in Ukraine.

We pray against those who want to bring fear, violence and destruction, restrain them Almighty God.

For troops on both sides we pray for restraint.

For those negotiating, give them courage and humility to put the lives of the vulnerable and innocent at the centre.

For those who are living in fear, who are contemplating fleeing their homes or who already have, protect them, be their shelter, bring your peace to their hearts.

For churches, for our brothers and sisters who are currently stocking up on food, water and medicines, ready to turn their buildings into hostels or hospitals, supply them with all the resources they need as they bring your presence.

For families in Ukraine who are already taking in refugees fill their homes with love and patience and healing.

For the people of Russia who don’t support the path of their government, protect them from harm as they speak and live courageously.

Prince of peace, bring peace in Ukraine we pray, show us how we can love and make peace from where we are.


We are encouraging people to support the Christian Aid Appeal for the people of Ukraine. If you are able to donate, please head to their dedicated donation page.

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