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Hannah's Sermon:

Do you like stories? I do. I like to read stories in my books, and I like Mummy and Daddy reading stories to me. I also like listening to stories on CDs. Sometimes stories are easy to believe – sometimes they’re not.

The gospel story for today talks about Jesus coming to the earth. All through Advent we thought about getting ready for Jesus. If you watched the Praise videos we heard about the prophets who spent years telling people about Jesus coming. We also heard about John who tried to tell people about him. But the reading says they were still not ready.

I wonder if you are good at listening? I’m not. Sometimes I have to be told to do things lots of times before I do them – especially when it’s something I don’t want to do like tidying up or going to bed. If you are good at listening, do you believe everything you are told? Just before Christmas I saw my Grandad – he told me that we weren’t going to be able to have our fish and chips for lunch because the shop didn’t open for an hour and a half and he had only paid for twenty minutes of parking. I almost believed him – but he was just pulling my leg.

I wonder if people thought John was pulling their legs? It must have been hard to believe. And still today I know lots of people who don’t believe Jesus came at the first Christmas. We know that Jesus is going to come again but I think people who don’t believe he came won’t believe he will come again. We need to tell people about him. I like coming to church and going to St Peter’s Praise to hear about God and Jesus but lots of people don’t come to these. In lockdown I liked watching the services on the internet and maybe people who have never come to church also watched them.

But I think that everyone who knows about God should tell people who don’t know about God all about him – we might have to tell them lots of times before they listen and they might think we are pulling their leg just like my Grandad pulls mine but maybe they will keep listening and we can get ready for Jesus again.

Oliver's Sermon:

I would like to talk about Jeremiah’s message, which shows God’s message that everyone should share.

The opening of the reading is about spreading the word of God. That with the help of God our nation, as well as other nations, will be saved. This is a very important message to be distributed for the nation in this particular difficult time when millions of people have to stay at home in Tier 4 areas, when hundreds of people losing a family member or a friend due to Covid-19, when even more people putting their life at risk (like doctors or nurses) to bring all this to the end. The message from God is that despite all difficulties the nation and people will be saved, and this message needs to be shared and talked about.

In the reading God is talking to all people, He wants everyone, without exceptions, to know that despite all difficulties and hardship the better times will come. The people will come to a fresh place – a better place – at the end. And we need to come out of it as better people.

God’s message is “the people will climb up Zion’s slopes shouting with joy, their faces beaming because of God’s bounty – grain and wine and oil, flocks of sheep, herds of cattle”. The Fresh place – a place I would imagine as nice place with stone paths, fresh grass, flowers, trees and all forms of life, including singing birds and wild animals, who is not hunted for their skins or human pleasure. A happy memory of mine is when I did the “Three peaks challenge”. I meant to do another one last May, but the trip was cancelled as everything was cancelling at the time and all we could do is to stay at home. This brings the sad part as we could not raise the money for our chosen charity. However, I am looking forward to doing it this year when people get vaccinated, the hospitals operating as normal, people resume traveling and weather improves. The feeling to be on top of a mountain, you just climbed, gives you an indescribable feeling of achievement, being happy and feel like you are on top of the world. My next ambition is to climb Elbrus – the highest mountain in Europe. I have to wait until I am 14 to do it, but I am already looking forward to it. This is my “better place”. What is your version of the better place?

While we are fighting this horrible disease – all of us needs to do our best, for example, stay at home, keep the distances etc. Many children will face home education ones more after this holiday ends, with the help of God we will get through this and will be delivered to our better place.

The way forward is to share God’s message. How would you share God’s message?... My way would be to share it throughout my daily life with my friends’ circle and my family. I have, as an example, good friends I can talk to and keep contact with whilst I am at home through PlayStation. My parents, as all other parents I believe, do try to limit my time on electronics, but during the lockdown I could still keep my contacts with my friends which ordinarily I could not meet or visit. The world of gaming and virtual reality was useful and allowed me to talk to others without leaving my home. I believe God’s message can be shared that way to reach minds of youth and children. Another way to share the word of God would be through a physical contact with others, for example I could share the message with my school friends or other members in my swimming club. Whilst I cannot swim, which I am deeply disappointed about, or see my school friend for few weeks, I am looking forward to the time I can resume my normal life, as I feel most of us do, and hope that 2021 will bring us hope and joy.