For all general enquires, Church, Octagon and Chantry Hall bookings, and for further information please contact the church office. The church office is open 9.30am-12.30pm Monday to Friday:

The Church Office, The Chantry, Norwich, NR2 1QZ

Tel. 01603 610443


SCAM EMAIL: We are aware that a number of public speakers have received an email from someone pretending to be our Vicar Edward Carter, inviting them to speak at a conference here in August. Please note that there is no conference and the vicarrevedwardcarter email address being used to send the request is not linked to St Peter Mancroft, it is being used to perpetrate a scam. Please would you report it to Google at as Google requires the email header information from the original email sent to you.

Apologies for inconvenience caused.


If you are enquiring about weddings, baptisms or funerals in the church  please contact the Church Office, or Vicar, as below.

Contact Name and Address Telephone number Email

For all general enquiries:

The Church Office, The Chantry, Norwich, NR2 1QZ

01603 610443
The Vicar

Revd Edward Carter


01603 610443


01603 627816

Associate Priest

Revd Dr Fiona Haworth


01603 610443


01603 615297


Revd Graham Kirk-Spriggs


01603 610443


07393 532321

Lay Minister (Licensed Reader)

Gill Persicke 01603 621777  

Acting Director of Music

Jon Payne 

01603 610443


Julian Haggett

Helena Carr

Peter Threadkell

01603 610443

01603 625860

PCC Secretary

Geoffrey Woolsey-Brown    

PCC Treasurer

Geoffrey Loades CBE    
Mancroft Ringing Discovery Centre Nikki Thomas

07740 454738

01603 270407
Bellringers Gill Knox

07771 602964

01603 765033