Our concert is on Saturday 30th July at 7pm;


Beethoven Coriolan Overture Op 62
Strauss Horn Concerto No. 1
Mendelssohn Symphony No.4 “Italian”

Lynne Roberts -  Horn

Philip Hesketh – Conductor


Tickets are £16 (plus booking fee) or £5 for under 18’s

Tickets available here


Beethoven Coriolan Overture Op 62
Briefly, Coriolanus is resolved to make war on Rome (in C minor), his Mum pleads for him no to (in E flat major), he resolves not to, but it’s too late, so he kills himself! Rather fatuous plot …. but fabulous music!
Strauss Horn Concerto no 1
This, well known, concerto will be performed by our own principal horn, Lynne Roberts. Strauss grew up in a house full of horn music as his father was a well-known virtuoso; this work shows a true understanding of the heroic nature of the instrument that is a joy to hear.
Mendelssohn Symphony No.4 “Italian”
The Italian symphony is, in effect, a musical postcard home from Italy from the young Mendelssohn The buoyant and optimistic mood within which the work immediately begins bears all the hallmarks of a happy young man, eager to make his mark on the world and express his travels through music.

Ensemble East is a well-known chamber orchestra in Norfolk focusing on intensity, energy, and intimacy, producing interpretations of classical music that are always spontaneous. The orchestra produces dynamic and vital performances that develop freely and naturally, revealing an infectious love for the music.

We perform with and without a conductor, whichever provides the most vibrant music- making and can metamorphose into different configurations depending on the music, from the full 40 players needed for performing works for chamber orchestra to smaller groups needed for more intimate chamber works. With repertoire spanning from the 18th century classical period to recent works of the 20th century.



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